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In less than 5 minutes, completing the 3 steps below allows you to:
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Determine who your elected officials are.
Generate custom, auto-addressed letters to them.
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You may feel helpless now, but by spending a few minutes to complete the following 3 steps, you will be doing something that counts to stop illegal immigration. Read more...
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Vote on Immigration911

    1. U.S. taxpayers pay $3 billion annually to cover the birthing costs of over 300,000 anchor babies born to illegal aliens each year. This is just one of many rewards given to illegal immigrants who break our laws. To eliminate incentives like these, would you support an amendment to the Constitution that required at least one parent be a U.S. Citizen in order for their child to be given citizenship at birth?
    2.   97% (21,437)
        2% (519)
        0% (76)

    1. Our government currently grants citizenship to more immigrants than any other country in the world at a rate of over 1 million per year. They also spend millions of taxpayer dollars translating signs, books and documents into languages other than English. This impedes assimilation which widens cultural gaps and further divides our country. As sure as legal immigration contributes to America’s success, a lack of assimilation will lead to her demise. Would you support a law that banned government use of your tax dollars for domestic translation practices like these and established English as the national language?
    2.   99% (21,710)
        1% (253)
        0% (69)
  3. JOBS

    1. Human trafficking organizations and some religious organizations are exploiting the U.S. work sponsorship program by brokering deals between immigrants and work sponsors in which immigrants pay tens of thousands of dollars to enter our country. Why does this program even exist when we have over 8% unemployment, 18% underemployment and 12 million green card holders already here taking American jobs? We cannot afford to bring in more foreign workers to do jobs while we pay Americans unemployment and welfare benefits. Would you support a law that suspends “Permanent Labor Certification” and temporary guest worker programs for low skill jobs until unemployment falls below 5%?
    2.   97% (21,465)
        2% (387)
        1% (180)

    1. Wide-open borders threaten our national security and allow gang members, terrorists, criminals and millions of illegal aliens to pour into our country illegally. Would you support a law that mandated funding to completely seal our borders via physical barriers and necessary personnel, including: ICE, Border Patrol, National Guard and U.S. military?
    2.   99% (21,712)
        1% (233)
        0% (87)
    3. The lives of American citizens suffer at the hands of illegal immigrants who steal our identities and drive down prevailing wage in order to enter the workforce. At the same time, the U.S. government refuses to secure the border and expects us to foot the bill for illegal immigrants who cannot support themselves. Would you support a law that required everyone to get a passport or be E-Verified before they were allowed to gain employment or obtain government assistance of any kind, including: food stamps, housing assistance, welfare, unemployment, healthcare, etc.?
    4.   86% (19,035)
        10% (2,136)
        4% (861)
    5. Illegal immigrants who break into our country, steal our identities and pay no taxes are often only charged with a misdemeanor, if they are charged at all. To show illegal immigrants we are serious about enforcing our laws, would you support a law that made illegal presence in this country a mandatory felony, and required law enforcement at all levels to use a national citizenship database like E-Verify to verify citizenship as routine practice during the citation or arrest of every person?
    6.   97% (21,303)
        2% (518)
        1% (211)
    7. Uninsured illegal immigrants who pay zero taxes use our healthcare services but do not contribute to the system. As a result, citizens' premiums are sky rocketing and in some areas, hospitals are going broke and closing their doors, creating a shortage of healthcare for citizens. In order to relieve the burden illegal immigration puts on our healthcare system, would you support a law that required hospital officials to use a system like E-Verify to check the immigration status of all uninsured patients and report illegals to ICE, after they receive the care they need?
    8.   98% (21,631)
        1% (316)
        0% (85)
    9. Sanctuary cities, state governments, and agencies of the federal government who ignore existing immigration laws by adopting policies that favor their political ideology, undermine the rule of law in America. As a result, repeat criminal aliens who are never deported continue to commit heinous crimes that are destroying the lives of American citizens. To hold our government accountable, spotlight elected officials who support sanctuary policies, and tax Americans who vote those elected officials into office, would you support a law that held every applicable level of government financially liable to citizens victimized by repeat criminal aliens, if it can be proven that government failure to enforce the law resulted in the criminal alien’s release, which allowed the crime to occur?
    10.   98% (21,601)
        1% (290)
        1% (141)

    1. The cost of providing K-12 education and free lunches to juvenile illegal aliens and anchor babies is a financial burden that overwhelms our education system. Our hard working teachers and public servants should not have to suffer pay cuts and layoffs because our states’ budgets cannot absorb these extra costs, nor should our children’s education suffer because of overcrowded classrooms and a hampered learning environment. Would you support a law that required every person to show strict proof of legal residence in order to enroll in public schools and universities?
    2.   98% (21,530)
        2% (379)
        1% (123)
    3. President Ronald Reagan gave 3 million illegal immigrants amnesty over 20 years ago. Since then, over 13 million more illegal immigrants have come to America costing American taxpayers trillions. Amnesty is a proven failure that will only encourage immigrants to continue entering our country illegally. Do you support reliving this failure by giving amnesty to more illegal immigrants which will cause another influx and drive our country into bankruptcy?
    4.   1% (266)
        99% (21,713)
        0% (53)

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Generate Letters to Your Elected Officials

One letter from an elected official's constituent is worth one hundred emails and with our letter generation tool, it has never been easier to write them. It provides quick interaction, complete customization and finds your elected officials for you. When your letter is complete, just click "Generate" to produce one pdf that will allow you to print all of your letters with one click of the button.

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January 18, 2019

Click here to find your elected officials and select those you wish to write.


Good Day,

My name is (YOUR NAME), and I am a citizen and registered voter whom you represent.

I have voted on the Immigration911 citizens’ bill for immigration reform because I believe it is high time American citizens clarify where we stand on illegal immigration to our leaders. Our country is not a charity for the third world, and I refuse to allow my government to continue spending my money on illegal immigrants, unless it is used to enforce our immigration laws.

Currently, 20% of the American workforce is unemployed or underemployed, yet the government is doing nothing about stemming the flow of foreign labor into this country. There are over 13 million illegal immigrants as well as 12 million legal immigrants here already. That means there are over 25 million foreigners here at the expense of American citizens. If they are here working, then they are taking jobs from American workers, and if they are not working, then they are riding on the backs of American workers. Either way you slice it, American citizens are suffering.

I support legal immigration, but not at the expense of American citizens, and I am embarrassed by the way this government has avoided dealing with illegal immigration. In a time of financial crisis, it is outrageous and unacceptable that this nonsense is happening! The solution to our illegal immigration nightmare is very simple: Stop providing incentives to immigrants to come here illegally and start creating deterrents! If immigrants know they will not be able to find work, receive welfare, get healthcare, educate their children, or birth children in order to make all those things happen, then they will not come here! This is common sense and why I support the Immigration911 movement.

Below, I have summarized my support and opposition to the solutions addressed in the Immigration911 bill:


I am your constituent and I have made it clear what I believe we must do, as a sovereign nation, to solve this illegal immigration crisis. Please let us know where you stand on these issues. will be tracking your support or opposition to the issues, so I will be monitoring your position. If you are elusive and soft on immigration reform, you are supporting illegal immigrants and will be replaced. It is time to take swift, decisive action to protect our country and enforce our immigration laws. It is my sincere hope that you will propose and/or support new immigration legislation that reflects the solutions in Immigration911 and supports the citizens of the United States.

For America,




P.S. Please see the attached voting addendum, which breaks down your constituents’ votes to date. As letters like this continue to come in, this addendum will allow you to gauge the feelings of your constituency and act accordingly.


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Every vote on every reform included in the Citizens' Bill for Immigration Reform is recorded and tallied at the federal, state and congressional district level. Our website then allows you to generate one PDF, comprised of custom letters with attached statistical addendums specific to each of your elected official's jurisdictions that you can print out and mail. This means that with every letter your elected officials receive, they will not only understand how you feel, they will have a snapshot of how their constituency feels on each issue included in the bill at the time you generated that letter.

You need not send letters for your vote to count; however, the more letters your elected officials receive, the more they will see this snapshot evolve. Every day they show up to the office will mean new letters and new numbers. This will allow them to gauge the momentum of support or opposition growing for or against the solutions inside the bill, which will paint an ever clearer picture of their political career should they choose to ignore the will of their constituents. It will also allow them to experience our sense of urgency.

Upon your congressional district receiving its first thousand votes, we will go to Washington to follow up on your letters and meet with your Congressmen face-to-face. To confirm the reality of the situation, we will present them with a list of the names and addresses of their constituents who voted on the bill and are demanding action. We will then ask them where they stand on the bill so we can make that information available to you. Additionally, we will continue with these follow up visits every time a major voting milestone is reached.

It is important to note that you need not agree with every reform in the bill. It is not a bill that we believe must be passed in its entirety, but rather a makeup of ten ideas that stand on their own. In the age of two-thousand-page, comprehensive monstrosities that serve as incubators for future economic bubbles and are stuffed with the secret pet-projects of lifetime politicians, we reject the notion that solutions must take this form. This is why we have crafted a solution that allows American citizens to breathe life into ideas based on their own merits. In other words, the "Citizens' Bill" should not be looked at as one piece of legislation that we must grease up to slip through the Washington machine, but rather a sledgehammer, to be wielded by the citizens of this country, to knock the machine around a bit.

Inside the beltway, there is always an excuse for why common sense reforms cannot be passed. This is why we created this tool; to eliminate illogical excuses by clearly proving where the majority of citizens stand on illegal immigration.

The failure of our government to act on illegal immigration is slowly crippling our country. This is complete failure of leadership, so we must create the necessary momentum that will force our elected officials to turn common sense solutions into law. This is why your vote and letters are so important, and why you must tell as many of your friends and family about Immigration911 as you can. Without momentum, nothing will be done, and illegal immigrants will continue to pour over our open border and erode the rule of law. If this continues, America as we know it will be lost forever.

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